Adventure Summer Camps

Schull & Fitbones offer unique outdoor adventure summer camps that bring children  to hidden parts of West Cork, around Schull and Ballydehob on the Mizen peninsula – exploring tunnels on a mountainside with a torch; a short ferry ride to a hidden island cove for a BBQ and dipping ones feet in the Atlantic waters; finding the elusive checkpoint in the jungle marsh; then washing off the mud in a stream before Mum or Dad see it!; a sweet hunt in an old apple orchard; orienteering across an old viaduct and trying to balance on the slackline!

Join us and experience the fun, excitement and true adventure on any of our summer camps and junior summer camps in July and August.

Summer Camp DatesAgeDuration of the camp (in days)TimeCost
July 9 - July 126-134 days (Mon - Thurs)09.30 - 14.00€110 (additional siblings €100). Single days €30
July 16 - July 196-134 days (Mon - Thurs)09.30 - 14.00€110 (additional siblings €100). Single days €30
July 23 – July 25 4-83 days (Mon - Wed)10.00 - 13.00€65 (additional siblings €60; single day: €25
July 30 - Aug 26-134 days (Mon - Thurs)09.30 - 14.00€110 (additional siblings €100). Single days €30
Aug 7 - Aug 94-83 days (Tue - Thurs)10.00 - 13.00€65 (additional siblings €60; single day: €25
Aug 13 - Aug 166-134 days (Mon - Thurs)09.30 - 14.00€110 (additional siblings €100). Single days €30

Mt Gabriel hike and the tunnels

A torchlight emerges from the tunnel on Mt Gabriel, Schull

This is no ordinary hike! After the minibus drop off we hike to the top of Mt Gabriel, the highest peak on the Mizen peninsula overlooking Schull. We mix cross country hiking with recovery breaks on the road, which works well for smaller or tired kids. At the top – are they golf balls, are they soccer balls – hike with us to find out! Can you see where you live from the summit?

On the descent we explore pipes and the tunnels. Experience pure darkness. Wow – bring a torch!



Orienteering control

The fabulous orienteering map of the community ground at Ballydehob* is the perfect resource for introducing orienteering to children of all ages. We run all kinds of orienteering activities and games to suit everyone. Learn how to read a map and use a compass. And with an ex-international orienteer in your midst who better to show you.

*Ballydehob is the perfect spot for tennis, basketball, Boxercise, dodge ball, parachute games, and a wonderful hall for those rare wet days (believe it or not we only use the hall once or twice each summer)!

Long Island by ferry!

The ferry to Long Island

After a short ferry ride we walk past the old school house before taking the small track to Cuas an Mhuillin, a small sheltered inlet with a stony beach. Dip your toes in the cool Atlantic ocean (bring swimming togs and towel). Bring some sausages / burgers / tomato ketchup or what ever takes your fancy for the beach BBQ. And marshmallows on the BBQ are a favourite way top end our day. A natural spring on the island gives us the best tasting water in the region.

Blackberry picking for the later August campers.

Adventure challenge

Can we identify the muck monster?

Find the checkpoints and complete the challenges.

– Can you fill the pipe with water – there is a catch – it has holes!

– Find the sweets amidst the ruin and the apple orchard.

– Feel your way blindfolded through the trees.

– Balance on the rope walk – it may look easy…..

– Ah – the infamous ‘Jungle Marsh’. Dare you go for that final welly-sucking challenge! Luckily the river washes all the muck away at the end before the mums and dads arrive!


Balancing on the slackline

Find the perfect trees or posts and we can spend hours trying (and failing) to balance and walk unaided on the slackline. Check out these slacklining  videos of for what can be done.




Parachute games overlooking the Atlantic Ocean



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