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CLEC Carlingford Lough Endurance Challenge 2012

CLEC Carlingford Lough Endurance Challenge 2012

Schull & Fitbones was established by Déirdre Ní Challanáin with a view to introducing locals and visitors alike to fitness and adventure in the amazing landscape and countryside that makes West Cork so special.

A lifelong outdoor enthusiast, she spent most of her youth with a map and compass competing at international level in orienteering. It is this that makes her venture off the beaten track to explore and discover the countryside in order to design adventure programmes around the hidden nooks and crannies of this magical part of Ireland.

With three children of her own who know what it is to be taken up hill and down dale from an early age, she has set about sharing her knowledge, skills, and love of the wild side with the young and not so young.

Déirdre is a Coaching Ireland adventure sport tutor for the Irish Orienteering Association and a qualified personal trainer and fitness instructor for adults and children. She is also a trained Boxercise and kickboxercise instructor.

Schull & Fitbones operates within the guidelines of the Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children’s Sports, and applies the principles of the Leave No Trace programme.

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  1. Jankowska says:

    I am in Schull in English school with my daughter . She is 7. I would like her to play with the children – native speaker,
    It is possible to come to your summer camp?
    best regards

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