Boxercise: fun, energetic and addictive.

The fitness concept is based upon a series of exercises used by boxers to keep fit without actually hitting anybody (or being hit!). Classes may take a number of formats, which may find participants shadow boxing, punching focus pads and punch bags, along with a number of circuit training exercises. Boxercise combines cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility with a lot of laughter and fun. An hour long class may include shuttle runs, a few lunges, working the triceps (a.k.a. bingo wings – all too familiar to many women), skipping, doing a few sit ups and a range of other exercises while simultaneously throwing a variety of punches. Although boxing focuses on upper body conditioning, working the arms, abs, chest and shoulders, boxercise classes are designed to ensure a fantastic all body workout. It is a real calorie burning session using all the different muscle groups that really makes you notice and feel the difference after a few weeks.

Kids Boxercise

A little less serious but with all the fun! Indoors and outdoors!

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