Schools Orienteering

Our Schull & Fitbones orienteering schools programme run throughout the school year

We offer a variety of possibilities to meet the needs of  schools, giving the students a great introduction to orienteering, whilst also having fun.

We offer various orienteering options to schools:

  • One-off orienteering activity day at your school, working both within the school classroom and the school grounds – this could e.g. comprise an hour per classroom and we would tailor the sessions for the different ages in the different classrooms.
  • One-off orienteering outing to one of our specially mapped areas suitable for beginners: – including Ballydehob Community Grounds, Schull Community Grounds, Glengarriff woods and other suggested areas.
  • A school session as per 1 above followed by another session at one of our mapped areas or another suggested area.
  • Our multiple-week orienteering programme

Our programmes are loosely set for the class combinations below but we can adapt for a school’s particular classroom combination.

Junior / Senior Infants;    1st /2nd Class;    3rd / 4th Class;     5th / 6th Class
We include :

  • the concept of maps and map reading;
  • understanding the concept of checkpoints and finding checkpoints in a particular sequence;
  • undertaking courses and being timed against the clock;
  • learning different techniques in a fun way to help one ‘navigate’ around a course;
  • introducing direction and orientating the map;
  • a variety of short orienteering challenges and courses, in a range of  environments.

These are adapted to the age and ability of the children.

We also offer a series of adventure challenges / team games including low ropes activities, blindfold challenges, and trying to balance on the slackline.

Our orienteering adventure school programme are offered on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Wednesday mornings.

We also run a couple of West Cork School events during the school year, offering electronic timing, with Cork Schools Orienteering Association, affiliated to the Irish Orienteering Association.

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